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A class of students pose in their pajamas for Pajama Day
2 students are reading a book together
3 teachers pose for the 100th day of school
4 students pose in their pajamas for Pajama Day
A student poses for their 100th day at school
A student participates in a demonstration at the Center for Innovation and Design
Two male students play with blocks
Students sit and watch an assembly
boy in school

Welcome to Highland Elementary School

Highland School sits in the town's northwest corner, just off Rt. 68 by the Cheshire town line, on a hill overlooking Sheehan High School. It serves students who live on and near Highland Ave., in northern Ridgeland, and north and south of Rt. 68 between Grove Street and the Cheshire border. The one-story plant is 10 separate buildings linked by window-walled halls, with 22 classrooms. Each grade shares a "pod" of rooms including the individual classrooms, an activity area, and restrooms. Highland is home to approximately 300 preschool to second grade students each year. 

News & Events

See below for the latest happenings at Highland Elementary School!

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